Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time To Start Listening To The Universe

My earlier post entitled "Find A Way Or Make One" caused me to meditate on aphorisms, and how they get restated or reiterated. Oftentimes, they endure, because the underlying truth is there, regardless of semantic differences.

One aphorism that resonated with me when I first heard it is, "The universe will keep sending you the same message until you finally get it."

It's coherent advice, whether you believe in a God, gods, a higher power, the wheel of karma or that we live in a Newtonian world of apparently stochastic events.

Even if you eschew the idea of a Higher Power, you probably still believe in cause and effect. Regardless of what your particular demons are, the consequences of being ruled by them are going to keep happening to you until you get over them.

You're going to keep receiving the same message, and it's telling you that "this isn't working" until you finally clue in and realize that if want a different result, you need a different process. Unhappy with the outcome? Change what you've been doing to get there.

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